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Stanford Heights River House is a lifelong dream for Hollywood award-winning filmmaker and actor, D. David Morin. “I grew up watching Out of Africa, and now with this view it looks like ‘I once owned a farm in Africa’.”

Morin opened his private home in Stanford on the exclusive “millionaire’s bend” above the scenic Klein River as an innovative Guest House in 2022.
“I grew up not far from Disneyland and loved Walt’s vision for inventing themes,” says the writer/director. “For my first house in the Hollywood Hills I did a Mexican southwest ‘casa’ makeover and actress Kristen Stewart (Twilight, Spencer) ended up buying it.” 

David adds, “It’s interior decorating but in filmmaking

D David Morin, owner of Stanford Heights River House

we call it ‘production design’ giving a location a certain ‘look and feel’. It’s fun to find it and give the house the right unique touch.”

This well-appointed 6-bedroom modern contemporary designer home has been transformed into a 5-bedroom with office game lodge.  And “God’s Window”, the sliding glass doors open up to the spacious outdoor living area. 
So far, the reviews have been first rate. 
“It’s gratifying to create a one-of-a-kind venue and share it with others. Stanford is sublime and our position above the river is magic,” adds the old Hollywood verteran. “I’ve already used this place as a location for a new series.”
A year in the making, the Stanford Heights River House is finally giving others a lifetime experience.  

And Yoda, the resident cat and former rescue, is another special plus. “…we really enjoyed the weekend in your special place! And we totally fell in love with your cat, so much so that we almost took her home with us.”


The Story of Yoda

One day I was visiting some friends here in Stanford village and there was this beautiful kitten in a tree with incredible markings. She was a loner, an outlier, in a family that already had two dogs and two cats. But Yoda was a rescue and they took her in.

I commented on what a gorgeous feline it is and the Dad says “She’s a rescue. They named her Yoda because her ears are so big. You want her?” 
What? Are you sure?

Apparently poor Yoda was causing havoc with the family pet dynamic and even the boys weren’t having her. “You want to keep Yoda?” “Nah.” 

Wow, I couldn’t believe it. But was I ready for that kind of commitment? I mean, I get nervous when someone gives me a houseplant. 

Well, I was a homeowner now, time to act like a grownup. She looked harmless enough.

Yoda is one of the best decisions of my life, right up there with moving to Africa, buying the River House, and my 2004 black Jeep Wrangler.

Yoda the resident cat at Stanford Heights River House

She’s sweet, inquisitive, courageous, humble, adventurous, dangerous, and her like her owner, takes an inherent interest in others. She’s not a lap cat, but if you ignore her long her enough, she’ll probably jump in your lap eventually. Enjoy her. Be kind. No cat tossing or back flips. Feed her twice daily a nibble of tuna and some dry food early morning and late at night. And open the front door often for her to use the loo. She’s loves an open bedroom door at night if you want company.

Yoda in her chillout space at Stanford Heights River House


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